Jet skier collides with humpback whale

Surprised Skier Glides Over Whale
Surprised Skier Glides Over Whale

Brynjar Gunnarsson was jet-skiing off the coast of Sauðárkrókur, Iceland on what he described as a "good sunny afternoon" when a whale suddenly rose out of the water right in front of him. They were in Skagafjörður, a bay on Iceland's northern coast.

Though Brynjar tried to avoid the creature, it was impossible to veer away in a split-second. Brynjar managed to keep his cool and somehow, he stayed aboard the jet ski. Of the ordeal, Brynjar said, "humpback whale got in the way for me and I hit it with my jetski. No harm done." Brynjar emerged unscathed.

The Independent notes that the viral moment is more than just stunning. Dr. Conor Ryan ("a sightings and strandings officer at the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust") told The Independent that he finds the video "disturbing."

Brynjar and his friends reportedly saw some whales from afar, and were attempting to get a closer look when the collision occurred. Because Brynjar was surveying the scene, he didn't see the whale breach until it was too late.

Dr. Ryan notes that Brynjar should have slowed down while in the vicinity of the whales, and calls the crash 'irresponsible." Dr. Ryan fears the whale sustained "serious injuries" from the crash, due to the speed the jet skier was traveling at.

This isn't the first time man and nature have collided. Check out these photos from when a blue whale flipped a boat:

... And for your daily dose of cute, watch this momma/baby whale piggy-back ride. Aw!

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