Infamous Christ statue in Mexico has HUMAN teeth

Human Teeth Found In18th Century Mexican Christ Statue
Human Teeth Found In18th Century Mexican Christ Statue


X-rays have revealed that a statue of Christ has human teeth.

The Lord of Patience statue in the parish of San Bartolo Cuautlalpan is famous for being covered in blood and depicting gory wounds, but workers restoring the sculpture found eight human teeth in its mouth.

"It is common that the sculptures have teeth, but they are usually made of wood or bone carved individually or as a plate, but in this case has eight teeth of an adult," team leader and school director Fanny Unikel said in a CNET translation of a YouTube video detailing the discovery.

"The teeth were probably donated as a token of gratitude. It's the first time human teeth have been found in a sculpture," Unikel added.

Workers were surprised to find them in perfect condition, she explained.

Despite their preservation, researchers do not believe them to be holy relics since they were not prominently displayed anywhere.

Rather, the team believes they were donated by parishioners seeking to earn some extra cash.

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