Girl writes stern letter to parents, takes away story time

Girl Writes Stern Letter To Parents, Takes Away Storytime
Girl Writes Stern Letter To Parents, Takes Away Storytime

One girl's authoritative, yet adorable, letter to her parents is going viral. The note was first posted to Reddit by a friend of the girl's parents, who says the mom found the note from her daughter Aug. 17.

It reads, "Dear Parents, It seems you both are a little overly strict tonight, therefore I do not wish to read with you tonight. But, if you change your attitude I will be glad to. Goodnight. From, Chloe."

OK, how cute is that? There's nothing quite like taking a bedtime story away from parents as a punishment.

We think a blogger for The Stir summed it up best: "This little lady is bold! It's the little things like this that make us laugh, because, let's be honest, they're completely serious." The blogger also took the time to compliment Chloe on her "stellar" grammar and vocabulary. Props, girl.

And the "Good Morning America" anchors think Chloe has a bright future ahead of her. Lara said, "I was just thinking future CEO, without a doubt."

We've learned that kids are often brutally honest when it comes to writing down their true feelings. In February the Daily Mail highlighted several, including a note written by a girl named Joyce who thanked God for giving her a baby brother, "but what I prayed for was a puppy."

And who can get forget the girl who wrote to her dad's boss in June asking for a day off for him? Her father's boss at Google got back to her and gave her father an entire week off in July. TheBlaze confirmed with the company that the letter was, indeed, the real deal.

No one's quite sure how old Chloe is or what her parents did that forced her to take away story time, but hopefully they cleaned up their act. Otherwise, it seems like story time could be a thing of the past.