Wave 'crashes' wedding photos, coolest couple ever stays in the ocean

Waves Crash Wedding Photos
Waves Crash Wedding Photos

In La Jolla, California, one couple decided to make the most of a beautiful day and pose for their wedding photos by the ocean. The end result? Well, let's just save the waves decided to crash the wedding ... pun (really) intended.

Gina Pageot and Sergio Capozzi were taking sunset pictures on the cliffs when they got hit by a rogue wave.

The two were speechless as they looked at their photographer Belinda Mayberry, but after composing themselves, they said 'let's keep going.' Belinda snapped away as the couple got more and more soaked while the wedding party cheered them on.

Belinda told Weather.com, "it was the most epic wedding image I have taken in my seven years of shooting weddings!"

You can see more of their photos here, or click the gallery below for more wild photobombs and selfies:

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