'Terror' cat holds family hostage

Family Claims 'Terror' Cat Held Them Hostage
Family Claims 'Terror' Cat Held Them Hostage

An angry cat named "Cuppy" terrorized a Chula Vista family earlier this week, forcing a mother and her adult daughter to barricade themselves inside a room and call 911, according to reports.

"Female's calling on 911 advising that her cat is holding her and her adult daughter hostage in the bedroom and it attacks them when they try to leave," an emergency operator said over the radio, according to an audio recording.

Police responded to the call early Tuesday morning and faced off with the cat at the front entrance of the home, video from the scene showed. A neighbor tried to help by giving officers a broom.

Eventually, they were able to successfully get the black-and-white feline to come out of the house, KTLA sister-station WPIX reported.

The women told police that Cuppy had lived with them for 14 years, and had always been a little unpredictable.