Report: Michael Brown had marijuana in his system when he was fatally shot


It has been revealed the unarmed black Missouri teen gunned down earlier this month by a white police officer may have been high on drugs when he died - just as officials lifted the curfew in Ferguson on Monday afternoon.

Michael Brown, 18, died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and chest, the coroner has confirmed. Nine days later, details are still emerging about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Brown had marijuana in his system when he was killed by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, an anonymous source familiar with the investigation told the Washington Post.

The St. Louis County Coroner's Office declined to confirm or deny the presence of marijuana in Brown's system when reached by AOL, instead saying only that the final autopsy report has been passed to the district attorney.

Pathologist: Autopsy Shows Teen Repeatedly Shot
Pathologist: Autopsy Shows Teen Repeatedly Shot

A separate call to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney was immediately shuffled to voicemail.

This news came as Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced he was lifting the curfew in Ferguson as National Guard troops rumbled into town to restore order.

"We will not use a curfew tonight," Nixon said in a statement.

Also detailed in the release was that the troops would have limited resources in dealing with protests in the St. Louis suburb after a night that saw some of the worst riots since Brown's death.

Nixon condemned "firing upon law enforcement officers, the shooting of a civilian, the throwing of Molotov cocktails, looting and a coordinated attempt to overrun the unified Command Center."

A report claiming Brown had marijuana in his system is not likely to cool the raging fires burning inside many in Ferguson.

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