Ohio police officer caught doing good deed

Ohio Police Officer Caught Doing Good Deed
Ohio Police Officer Caught Doing Good Deed

Officer Tom Ondecker with Ohio's Streetsboro Police Department was caught in an act of kindness. Local resident Ricky Haylett snapped these photos of of the officer helping out a man in a motorized wheelchair. Ondecker walked home with the man and carried his groceries. Haylett told us he followed the officer, taking photos along the way, and then gave him a ride back to his cruiser.

Some Ohio media outlets picked up the story about the sweet act, and it even made national news on "Fox & Friends," who reported it was "A heartwarming moment caught on camera. It's a Streetsboro, Ohio, police officer helping a man in a motorized wheelchair."

The Streetsboro Police Department's Facebook page says the station received several calls from people concerned about a man trying to cross the street in his wheelchair.

We called the station, and we're told State Route 14, where this happened, is five lanes wide and very busy. The man was apparently riding in traffic, and people were worried he'd be struck by a car.

The department said it was happy to share these candid photos to show the "compassionate side of being a police officer," especially after what it calls "a tough week for law enforcement in the national media."

By "tough week," the department is likely referring to the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. The New York Times reports Gov. Jay Nixon issued an executive order to deploy the Missouri National Guard to the area Monday.

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