Tennessee woman reunited with her English bulldog

Lashena Harris says someone stole her purebred English bulldog Fatcat from their Tennessee home in 2006 and spent the next 8 years being abused in a puppy mill. But after a series of incredible events, they've been reunited.

Harris, who now lives in Phoenix, was overjoyed when she got the call that her dog had been found. But the good news also came with surprising challenges.

Woman Reunited With Dog Stolen 8 Years Ago
Woman Reunited With Dog Stolen 8 Years Ago

Fatcat was found in a dump with numerous ailments, including tumors and heart worms, from years of neglect. Treatment would cost thousands so Harris reached out for a little help.

She started a GoFundMe campaign that dozens of people have already donated to. Her goal is to raise $5,000 to cover the medical bills for Fatcat so she can finally live the life Harris always wanted. So far she has reached more than half her goal at last check.

The shelter that took in Fatcat when she was first found was able to contact Harris because of the microchip she had implanted.

According to a surveyby the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 15 percent of lost dogs were found thanks to ID tags and microchips.

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