Westboro Baptist Church targets Robin Williams' funeral

Westboro Baptist Church's Targets Robin Williams' Funeral
Westboro Baptist Church's Targets Robin Williams' Funeral

A date for Robin Williams' funeral has not been set, but the Westboro Baptist Church is reportedly gearing up for what many are calling a "disgusting" protest.

The hate-spewing Christian group has a history of disrupting soldiers' funerals over its issues with homosexuality, and now its latest target is only adding to the public outrage.

It plans to picket the late comedian's funeral, condemning him for his divorces and for using his comedy to mock God. They also reportedly cited him as a "homosexual enabler."

Westboro has also taken to targeting major tech companies in Silicon Valley recently. It's made plans to protest outside of Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and several other social media moguls because of their outspoken support for the LGBT community.

Oddly enough, Westboro actually announced it was picketing the tech companies via Twitter.

But when Planting Peace heard about the church's outrageous plans to attack the beloved comedian's funeral service, it decided to challenge the church with a fundraiser.

The nonprofit organization says Williams reputation for giving back inspired them to do the same in his honor. It's giving the proceeds to the St. Jude Children's Hospital, an organization close to Williams.