'Pawn Stars': Letter from the White House signed by JFK worth a small fortune

'Pawn Stars': Letter From The White House Signed By JFK Worth A Fortune
'Pawn Stars': Letter From The White House Signed By JFK Worth A Fortune

On "Pawn Stars," a man named Jeff brought in a letter from the White House signed by John F. Kennedy. Jeff noted, "This was the day before the Martin Luther King march and this letter actually calls for 1,000 troops to be dispatched."

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Rick said, "This is pretty amazing because most of the time you get letters from the President or something like that and it's like, 'did you get my dry cleaning?'"

The letter was dated August 27, 1963, the day before the largest civil rights march in the history of the United States. Jeff said he bought the letter at an auction and paid significantly less than what he thinks he can get for it. An appraiser valued the letter around $10,000 but Rick was only willing to offer $6,500 for it which Jeff didn't accept.

According to NPR, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan's signatures are worth the most, in terms of modern presidents, saying, "A genuine Kennedy is worth $2,500, even if it says simply 'happy birthday.' The content of the letter can quickly elevate the price."

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