Horrific find in hoarder's home

Mummified Mother Found In Hoarder Daughters Home
Mummified Mother Found In Hoarder Daughters Home

The mummified body of an Arizona woman who died almost four years ago was discovered in her hoarder daughter's home.

A realtor entered what she believed was an abandoned home June 28th, but what she found was a rubbish filled house that was holding more than just family memories... it was housing family members.

According to police, back in 2010 Janet Pallone Delatorre found her 98-year-old mother, Jospehine Pallone, had died in her bed. The report reads, "Janet stated she 'panicked' and believed police would think janet killed her based on the condition of the house. Janet assumed the police would think janet neglected her and that is why she died."

So the body remained in the bed until the realtor found it.

Who knows how long the body would have remained in the Gilbert, Arizona home if it weren't for the daughter's ex-husband gaining control of the property after she fell behind in payments.

Police say they are in the process of officially identifying the body, and are making sure there wasn't any foul play.

This isn't the first hoarder-related-death to be in the news recently. Back in June, HuffPost Live reported on a Connecticut hoarder who died after the floor collapsed under the weight of all her belongings. After two days of searching, the 66 year old woman was located in the basement of the home.

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