Gizmo the cat falls nine stories and survives

NYC Cat Survives Nine Story Fall
NYC Cat Survives Nine Story Fall

A New York City cat used up all but one of his nine lives when he plunged nine stories from his owner's penthouse, and survived.

Samuel Jacobs came home to his twelfth story penthouse on Tuesday morning, but couldn't locate his four year old feline, Gizmo. It wasn't until Jacobs went out onto his terrace that he saw Gizmo on a third floor landing. He feared his friend was dead.

Apparently, Gizmo lost his footing while walking on the twelfth story terrace, slipped, and fell nearly a hundred feet. Miraculously, the eleven pound cat only suffered a broken tooth and a few scratches.

Jacobs told the New York Daily News, "I just looked at him and he had this look of relief. He was crying and yelling. He was so freaked out."

The buildings porter helped Jacobs retrieve Gizmo, who was immediately taken to the vet. Minutes later they walked out; the vet told Jacobs the cat was fine.

Gizmo isn't the first cat to survive a big fall. Back in May, a cat in an unidentified location fell three stories after losing its grip on the side of a building. It sprung back up, and ran off.

In fact, cats falling from tall buildings is so common veterinary professionals define it as "high rise syndrome." The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports that there is a ninety percent survival rate for cats that fall from high rise buildings if they receive immediate medical attention.

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