'Candid Camera': Sloppy drone delivery shocks home owner

'Candid Camera': Sloppy Drone Delivery Shocks Homeowner
'Candid Camera': Sloppy Drone Delivery Shocks Homeowner

On "Candid Camera" homeowners were told that drones would start dropping off their mail... but there were still a few kinks to work out.

The drone dropped off his mail, but it landed all over the lawn in a heap. The mailman said, "That's perfect though because it's in your yard."

Luckily, the man was cracking up once he found out it was a joke and that he was on the national television.

Fans on Twitter were loving the segment too, some saying though that there's nothing funny about drone delivery, people would love that.

As Flavorwire notes, a fresh, new version of "Candid Camera" is back with hosts Peter Runt, the son of the original show's creator and host, Allen Funt and Mayim Bailik from the popular TV sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory."

To check it out for yourself, "Candid Camera" airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TV Land.

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