Soulmate surgery: Couple married 70 years undergoes procedure together

Soulmate Surgery: Couple Married 70 Years Undergoes Procedure Together
Soulmate Surgery: Couple Married 70 Years Undergoes Procedure Together

For nearly 75 years, 96-year-old Raymond and 93-year-old Maizie Huggins have done everything together -- and that wasn't about to change just because they needed heart surgery.

The Huggins suffered from coronary artery disease.

The stents that doctors put in last year had begun to fail and time was running out for the couple, family members told Fox 8.

Then, a new heart valve replacement surgery became available and doctors at the Cleveland Clinic placed the couple at the top of the list.

"Ten years ago, if they came with this medical problem, we would have said nothing really can be done where we can improve the quality of life. Open heart surgery could be performed, but the recovery is almost three to six months at that age," Dr. Samir Kapadia said.

Their son, Roger Huggins, fought back tears as he thought about his parents incredible story. "Mother and dad were very short lived. They only had a couple months left to go, their hearts were completely closed off. I just prayed that they would live long enough for technology to give them the opportunity."

Like everything else in their life, the couple had their surgeries together this week.

The Huggins will celebrate their 74th wedding anniversary in October, the station reported.

"We love each other when we go to bed, I mean just really cuddle up and really enjoy each other," Raymond said fondly. "Good father, good husband, he was just good all the way around," Mazie said of her beloved husband.

Doctors are calling the couple their "miracle" patients."

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