Couple loses 300 pounds total, get engaged on live TV

Man Surprises Girlfriend With On-Air Proposal
Man Surprises Girlfriend With On-Air Proposal

Proposals are always an exciting time, and Danny Patton decided to share his moment with Kalean Duffy with the world, by proposing live on HLN.

Patton said, "From the moment I first saw you, I knew I'd be doing this one day. I didn't know it would be like this. ... Will you marry me?" And she said yes!

If the two looked familiar, it's because the Pennsylvania couple has been in the news before for their amazing weight loss transformation.

They've lost a combined total of more than 300 pounds. Duffy toldThe Huffington Post how they started:

"We first changed our eating habits. We cut out processed foods and soda and I think that was the biggest thing."

"When we first started, after a half mile on the treadmill, I'd be sweating."

The couple, who met in 2009, haven't officially set a wedding date, but Kalean told us they're thinking October 2016.

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