'Candid Camera': Obnoxious man dunks donuts in other people's coffee

'Candid Camera': Obnoxious Man Dunks Donuts In Other People's Coffee
'Candid Camera': Obnoxious Man Dunks Donuts In Other People's Coffee

On TV Land's "Candid Camera" customers at the diner were just trying to enjoy their coffee, but were in for a surprise when an obnoxious donut-dunker got all up in their business.

As Flavorwire notes, TV Land's new version of "Candid Camera" is a refreshingly joyful show. They write, "The TV landscape is full of complex, dark, or mean-spirited programs, but Candid Camera has no intention to become one of those. It found a formula that worked decades ago and has learned to slightly tweak it to continue to be new and appealing to current viewers, which is one of the most impressive things a TV franchise can do."

And we've got to agree, the show had us laughing non-stop. Fans on Twitter were feeling the nostalgia and loving the new show too, calling it hilarious.

The 10-episode series is produced by Peter Funt, the son of the original show's creator and host, Allen Funt. It is co-hosted by Mayim Bialik of the popular hit show "The Big Bang Theory."

'Candid Camera' sure to bring laughter to millions, airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TV Land.