Can you spot the mistake in this 'Downton Abbey' photo?

Something's not quite right in this new picture of Robert Crawley and Lady Edith released this week ahead of the fifth season of "Downton Abbey."

Take a nice long look. Can you spot it?

If you couldn't find the faux pas ... focus on what's behind the actors.

Notice it yet?

Here's a hint:

Looks like someone on set forgot to tidy up to Mr. Carson's standards before shooting these publicity photos for "Downton Abbey" and left a plastic water bottle on the mantle behind Hugh Bonneville and Laura Carmichael.

As many fans and TV reporters have noted, the latest set of pics released in advance of the popular PBS drama's fifth season indicate there will be a jump in time, but probably not a jump to the late 20th century when water bottles came into fashion.

Will you be tuning in when the show returns in the U.S. this coming January?

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