'The Singles Project' series premiere: Things get awkward fast

'The Singles Project' Series Premiere: Things Get Awkward Fast
'The Singles Project' Series Premiere: Things Get Awkward Fast

On the series premiere of "The Singles Project" we met six single men and women trying to find the love of their lives.

Things got awkward quick for Lee who had to check his phone real quick and got called out for not paying attention to his date.

Woman: "[You're] going to check your phone in the middle of my story?
Lee: "It could always be a patient."
Woman: "Like, I need a root canal right now... my cavity hurts."

Whew, take it easy lady.

As E! notes, this new reality show is unlike any other. Cast members get set up on dates and then wait for feedback from the viewing audience after the episode airs.

You better believe fans on Twitter were quick to jump in on the fun, in this case, telling Lee to not take KeKe on another date... but it doesn't look like he was going to any way.

According to Hollywood Life, the cast films just days before each episode airs so we're seeing most of what is actually happening in their dating lives and get to play, or tweet along.

To find out more and get involved, you can watch the new show Tuesdays nights at 10/9c on Bravo.

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