Tech company makes degrading contest to sell phone

Tech Company Makes Degrading Contest To Sell Phone
Tech Company Makes Degrading Contest To Sell Phone

In an effort to sell its first-ever smartphone, OnePlus began a contest called "Ladies First."

It might sound nice, even chivalrous but it's not. At all. In was so controversial that the company has reportedly pulled the promo.

OnePlus is only letting people buy their new phone, the One, by invitation. The "Ladies First" contest allowed women to get the exclusive offer by drawing the company logo on their body, or a sheet of paper (according to The Verge), and take a selfie. The photo would be posted in the OnePlus forum and the 50 most liked pictures got a free shirt and the option to buy the full price.

So basically women would "get the opportunity" to be judged based on our looks and win the great prize of spending our own money. Makes total sense.

The company released a statement to several tech sites calling the contest a "misguided effort" and explained it was only trying to encourage women to "get involved with and excited about the amazing things happening in tech right now."

You'd think a tech company would realize if women wanted to be judged based solely on their looks and still pay for things they'd just use their Instagram account...

or Chive - If you aren't familiar with it give it a Google. They offer the same awesome gift of...wait for it...a t shirt.