Late night hosts pay tribute to Robin Williams

Our Favorite Late Night Hosts Pay Tribute To Robin Williams
Our Favorite Late Night Hosts Pay Tribute To Robin Williams

Some of our favorite late night hosts paid tribute to Robin Williams after hearing the actor passed away from an alleged suicide this week at the age of 63.

JIMMY: "We, like all of you were shaken up a bit last night, when we learned the genius actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away. He was one of a kind, one in a million, he's, like, unbelievable."

SETH: "Robin Williams passed away, which is very sad for us, we found out after our taping last night, so we just want to take a moment tonight, I would like to say on behalf of everybody at Late Night, I would just like to send our condolences to his family..."

CONAN: "Such a fantastically funny guy, and everybody knows that side of him. What I think a lot of people don't know, and you're starting to hear all these stories come out now, is how crazily generous. He was so generous, such a nice person.

According to ABC News, Robin Williams volunteered a good deal of his time traveling to war zones and entertaining more than 89,000 troops in 13 countries during his USO tours.

The talented comedian touched many lives and brought us endless laughter with his dramatic and comedic roles in some of our favorite movies, like Mrs. Doubtfire. He will be greatly missed.

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