Bride's 'reasons you're not invited' list goes viral

Bride's 'Reasons You're Not Invited' List Goes Viral
Bride's 'Reasons You're Not Invited' List Goes Viral

What began as a humorous list of reasons for trimming their guest list has landed a Davenport bride-to-be and her fiance in the national spotlight.

Candice, who's last name we agreed not to publish, posted a laundry list on Facebook August 3, 2014, of reasons why some people would not be invited to her wedding.

The list was written by her fiance, Michael, in a semi-jokingly manner. When Candice shared the list on her Facebook account, and it took off from there.

Websites like Jezebel, CNN, Perez Hilton, and The Hollywood Gossip, all picked up on the post, with comments calling the bride-to-be selfish, rude, and a "bridezilla."

The story even ended up on one British website, Mirror, where people can vote if they think the bride's post was justified or not.

The bride-to-be thinks all the attention is a little ridiculous and people should just calm down.

"It's not that important. It's Facebook, it's someone's status. There's more important things out there that are more newsworthy than someone's post on Facebook," Candice said.

"We want people there that love us and that's going to mean something 20 years later...and not just associates at work or associates of associates," said Candice.

She said she was surprised to be labeled a "bridezilla," but she doesn't really care. Her close family and friends support her decision to post the list, because they all went through the same stress for their weddings, they just didn't write it down.

"I guess if being blunt and being truthful is making me a 'bridezilla,' then I've been a 'bridezilla' my whole entire life. It's just who I am," said Candice.

The wedding was set for the fall of 2014.

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