20 Robin Williams quotes that will live on


As a stand-up comic, Robin Williams was among the quickest wits to ever work a rowdy comedy club. His mouth worked as fast as his manic mind; audiences sat up just to decipher the multi-pitched voices that came out of his overactive brain. As an actor, Williams was known to create those lump-in-your-throat moments. He could be relied upon to deliver quiet lines to create the most stunning emotional scenes.

During the course of his 63 years on earth, Williams also inspired us with his own self-reflections and hyperanalysis as if he never disconnected from Mork, the TV alien he created in the late '70s, who came to Earth from the planet Ork. "In America we really do mythologise people when they die," Williams once said. DoYouRemember agrees whole-heartedly, and welcomes with sadness this legendary comic into our Great American cultural past.

Robin Williams's Unforgettable Career and Legacy
Robin Williams's Unforgettable Career and Legacy

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