WATCH: Pothole deep enough for photographer to stand in

WATCH: Pothole Deep Enough For Photographer To Stand In
WATCH: Pothole Deep Enough For Photographer To Stand In

WGNO reports: A pothole at Olive Street and Joliet Street in New Orleans just might be the deepest one ever -- a photographer was even able to stand in it and film from inside.

One man called the city and was kind enough to put a sign alerting the neighborhood that there was a hole so that no one would fall inside -- but the hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

"You can get inside of it and disappear," he says.

The pothole is supposedly on record to be repaired -- but no repairs have been done yet.

Obviously, this problem isn't uncommon. If you can believe it -- and you should -- WGNO even has an amazing 'Pothole of the Day' seriesthat you definitely want to keep up on ... don't you?

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