Stunning new photos of a glowing red Supermoon rising behind Madrid's Four Towers skyscrapers


As the 'summer of Supermoons' marches on, a new series of breathtaking images depicting the lunar phenomenon has emerged. The above photos were snapped by a pair of news photographers, Daniel Ochoa de Olza of the Associated Press and Getty's Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno, and they show a smoldering red moon as it rises over Madrid's famed Four Towers.

The Cuatro Torres Business Area, as its known locally, features Spain's tallest buildings and the towers provide a dramatic foreground for the unusually large-looking moon. In one particularly well-timed photo, the moon appears to sit on the Torre Bankia skyscraper like a golf ball on a tee.

Technically, these photos don't depict an actual Supermoon as the full perigee moon occurred the evening before these images were captured. The moon seen in these photos was actually a waning gibbous, according to But for the purposes of beholding amazing photography, they might be the most super of all Supermoon photos yet this summer.

And there's certainly been no shortage of Supermoon pics lately. On Monday, amateur photographer Sebastien Lebrigand, who lives in a suburb of Paris, talked with about how he was able to nab some incredible shots of airliners flying in front of the Supermoon.

And news photographers around the world trained their lenses on the celestial body over the weekend resulting in a flurry of wonderful shots. The moon appeared 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than normal, the brightest it's appeared and closest it's come to Earth in 20 years, according to CBS San Francisco. The rare occasion brought out the casual photographers as well, many of whom snapped away and sent photos in to The Huffington Post.

There's one last Supermoon left this calendar year: September 9th. Here's a handy tool that will help identify when and where the moon will rise where you live, so you can plan accordingly and snag some cool shots of the moon for your Instagram feeds and Facebook pages.

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