'Shark Week': Is there a serial killer shark?

'Shark Week': Is There a Serial Killer Shark?
'Shark Week': Is There a Serial Killer Shark?

There's a mystery brewing in the waters off Surf Beach in central California. Two deadly attacks, exactly two years apart, have left an entire community living in fear with so many unanswered questions. Did one brazen shark commit both of these attacks? If so, what was the motive? Why Surf Beach? While this small town mourns the loss of two sons, local California surfer Brandon McMillan searches for answers halfway around the world in New Zeland.

Auckland Beach, New Zealand has experienced the same kind of brutal shark attacks as California. Brandon's goal is to compare the aggressive nature of great whites in New Zealand to the accounts of the fatal shark attacks at Surf Beach. And it looks like he's found the right classroom to learn everything he can about the great white shark.

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