Police officer gets into dance-off with local kids

Watch: Police Officer Gets Into a Dance-Off With Kids

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Officers within KCPD's East Patrol division found themselves in a dance-off with some neighborhood kids Sunday night. In a video that a resident shared with the department through social media, it posted the dance battle to its YouTube page.

Cop Dance off with Kids
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Police officer gets into dance-off with local kids

The rookie officer, who the police department describes as pulling out his "best" moves, was no match for the three Kansas City kids despite getting pretty creative.

Officer J. Krebs loves to dance, so when he and his partner drove by these dancing little ones near Spruce and Anderson, Krebs' partner challenged the 26-year-old rookie cop to show off his breakdancing, moonwalking and more, and to see if he could out dance the kids.

Natalie Garcia got a kick out of recording the dancing cop with her cellphone.

"He was pretty fun. I'm glad that he's not like showing us that cops can be bad but also cops can be cool to little kids," said Garcia.

"I hope it's something that they can remember and that when they grow to be adults and they actually need us for something, they'll actually call us when they need us," said Officer Krebs.

Word has it Officer Krebs gave the kids the top prize for "winning" the dance-off; Jolly Ranchers.

The department says on Facebook it may need to incorporate a dance class for new officers going through the academy.

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