Over 2,000 silver coins found in Florida home during demolition

Central Florida Workers Find 2,000 Silver Coins During Home Demolition
Central Florida Workers Find 2,000 Silver Coins During Home Demolition

We've all heard the stories grandma stashing cash in her mattress or the cookie jar, but a crew tearing down the walls of an old home in Osceola county found something that will outdo any buried treasure tale you have heard of.

The house was getting knocked down. Officials believe these coins might have been hidden in the walls for years and the payout could translate to thousands of dollars. Saint Cloud officials showing off the coins. There are more than 850 half dollars discovered and more than a thousand quarters. The oldest half dollar almost 100 years old. They also picked up a couple hundred dimes.

Officials say this was a bizarre find and here's how it was uncovered. This condemned home on minnesota avenue in Saint Cloud was demolished in april. A code enforcement officer said the homeowner accumulated more than $800,000 in violations. They explained that the house was a complete mess inside and out and they were tearing down the home and getting rid of debris. They heard the sounds of what turned out to be silver hitting the bottom of an empty dumpster. The officer explained, "So of course it was kind of, like, a treasure hunt. Everybody that was there was, like, digging in this filth picking up these coins."

The city plans on getting an appraisal on the roughly 30 pounds they picked up. They can either sell them by weight or as collectibles. And the current silver dollar about $20 an ounce that puts the value at more than $9,000 and the money will go the city because the property is owned by Saint Cloud.