Black bear caught opening car door to steal food

Black Bear Caught Opening Car Door To Steal Food
Black Bear Caught Opening Car Door To Steal Food

A visitor to the Smoky Mountains hit record when he spotted a bear that was a little too familiar with car doors.

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"Oh, Lord!"
"Oh, my God, he's opening the door!"

The video from Haley Evans shows this not-so-average break-in. Within seconds, the black bear popped open the car door with ease while onlookers stood speechless. But once the bear poked his head in, the crowd told the animal off.

Apparently the bear had already snatched up crackers and chips from the visitor's car before returning to open the door.

A black bear's sense of smell is "unparalleled," according to Western Wildlife Outreach. And that sense can drive it to look for the snacks hidden in your car. But handling car doors? Don't you need thumbs for that?

Maybe not. In May, New Hampshire police received multiple reports of car break-ins. Victims who spoke with WMUR said:

VICTIM 1: "Both doors were left open when I came outside."
VICTIM 2: "I saw the radio was pulled out, and I thought someone stole my radio. We think the bear opened the door, climbed inside, and the door closed."

The National Park Service suggests never leaving food in your car, even if it's sealed and the doors are locked. According to its guidelines, the onlookers correctly handled their confrontation with the bear by keeping their distance and making noise to tell the bear to take a hike.

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