10 must-have dorm room essentials


Dorm rooms are one of the trickiest parts about back-to-school season. There's not a ton of space for two people (let alone sometimes three or four!) to share a room. That's where organizing and planning come in with these dorm room essentials. These can really turn out to be a life saver in a small space!

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1. Bed risers & storage bins: Take advantage of under-the-bed space in these cramped spaces.

2. Bathroom carrier: This is especially helpful if you have a communal bathroom arrangement in your first dormitory. These bins make transporting shampoo, conditioner, and body wash back and forth a breeze.

3. Erase board calendar: Take advantage of that wall space with a key organizational tool. Use this throughout the semester to map holidays, finals, and more.

4. Power strip: Chances are, your dorm won't be super equipped with tons of plugs. In today's day plugged-in world, this is a must-have.

5. Mini-fridge and microwave: Though some dorms come equipped with these, most don't. If you're inclined to make food or store it, you should probably invest in these essential items.

6. Headphones: If there's one thing dorms aren't, it's quiet. Some good soundproof headphones will do you well on those late study nights in your room!

7. Desk lamp: Again, for those late nights of studying you'll be doing, right?

8. Extra seating: If you've got room, go ahead an throw in a futon or some cool bean bag chairs. Dorm rooms are all about being communal, so be sure to give friends and dorm mates places to sit.

9. Blankets and pillows: Make your (possibly uncomfortable) dorm room bed more homey with lots of extra blankets and pillows.

10. Alarm clock: Yes, it's the age of cellphones, but sometimes it's better to rely on a real clock to ring you awake.

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