'Antiques Roadshow': diamond and ruby jewelry worth a fortune

'Antiques Roadshow': Gorgeous Diamond & Ruby Jewelry Set Worth A Fortune!
'Antiques Roadshow': Gorgeous Diamond & Ruby Jewelry Set Worth A Fortune!

On "Antiques Roadshow" we took a trip back to 1998 when a woman brought in a gorgeous diamond and ruby jewelry collection she inherited from her great aunt, who was married to a congressman back in the 1920s.

The collection consisted of a ring, a pendant necklace and a bracelet that was worth a lot more than she expected.

The appraiser said, "The ring with the fine ruby and the very very white diamonds... that's roughly about $80,000." He adds, "Wait, you haven't heard anything yet: Your bracelet is worth $165,000." That's a lot of cash.

The woman "never thought it would be that much."

Add that, plus the cost of the pendants, which were worth about $12,000 ... and you've got a whopping total of $257,000.

You think that's a lot of money. Well, today, that 3-piece set is valued between $400,000-$450,000. According to The Daily Mail, rubies are the most expensive gems per carat on earth!

To get your hands on some rubies and/or diamonds of your own, you can visit Christie's for some gorgeous and less expensive pieces.

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