15 tips to help your child have the best first day of school ever

The first day of school can be a nerve wrecking experience for your son, daughter, or grandchild. Deciding how to help prepare them for a whole new slew of classes, teachers, and students is no easy task. In addition to getting the back best to school deals, help avoid first day of school jitters with these 15 tips:

1. Visit the school in advance with your child or grandchild to make sure both you and them know what to expect on the first day.

2. Keep an organized list of back to school supplies so everyone is prepared for the first day. Buy what you can in advance, and shop around for the best deals.

3. Keep your child's mind active and ready for the new year by assigning them occasional summer reading and practice lessons.

4. Meet the teacher in advance-- it's good for both you and your child to know who will be in charge of the class before the new year actually begins.

sweet sleeping asian child
sweet sleeping asian child

5. Make sure your little one is in bed at a decent time the night before. Start them in an early to bed, early to rise routine the week leading up to the first day.

6. Make sure you have the school schedule and calendar of events. It would be embarrassing to be the only one to miss parent-teacher night!

7. Plan out your kid's breakfast for the first day of school. Make sure it's healthy and filling so they don't run out of steam before lunch.

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8. Go one step further and pre-pack their lunch for the first day (unless they're buying at the cafeteria, of course).

9. Avoid early morning stress before school. Lay out your child's outfit the night beforehand. The same goes for making sure the backpack is organized in advance too!

10. If you're driving your kid to school make sure you know the best route. You wouldn't want to be one parent showing up late on the first day!

Messy Caucasian girl in art class
Messy Caucasian girl in art class

11. Check out all of the clubs and activities the school has to offer! Start talking with your child early on about their interests for the year and plan on them attending.

12. Fill out any and all paperwork necessary for the school year. This could include anything from immunization papers, to other medical forms, to emergency contact forms.

13. Prepare for the homework routine. Before the first day, choose a nice study area with your child so that they'll know where homework will be happening on a daily basis. Make sure it's well lit and clean to avoid distractions.

14. Make a list of goals with your child to lay out what they want to accomplish over the next year. This will help them be focused and organized.

15. Last but not least, help your child be positive! Let them know there's nothing to be worried about on their first day.

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