Woman searching for Purple Heart recipient

Woman Searching For Purple Heart Recipient

Carrie Myers has been trying to find the rightful owner of a Purple Heart medal for about two years now. She says she bought a purse at a thrift store in West Virginia and when she got home, she discovered a photo and the medal inside.

It might've seemed somewhat easy to track down the owner because the back of the medal is inscribed with the name "James F. Sneed." But she told WABC still has it.

It's been so long that she's started a Facebook page and now she's trying to get the story out through the media. She's also contacted the Department of Veterans Assistance to help her track down the rightful owner or at least a family member.

Myers told CNN affiliate WCHS returning the medal is especially important to her because many of her family members have served in the military. "They put their life on the line for someone like
me, for my family, for my kids to live their life and live freely."

She might want to enlist the help of this guy ... Zachariah Fike, a captain in the Vermont National Guard, has returned more than 100 Purple Heart medals to relatives of recipients who died before receiving the honor.

He created Purple Hearts Reunited in 2012 and still has another 300 medals to return.
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