Woman learns husband is long lost brother

Woman Discovers She's Married To Her Brother
Woman Discovers She's Married To Her Brother

Adriana and her husband Leandro have been together for seven years and have a 6-year-old daughter together -- oh, and they're brother and sister.

Yup. It was a startling find for the couple as well. Adriana was given up when she was 1 and never knew her true family.

She went looking for her birth mother, Maria, and reached out through a Brazilian radio station that was able to connect her.

Adriana asked her mother if she had any other relatives. Sure enough, she had a half brother. And she was married to him.

Her mother had Leandro two years after Adriana with another man and also gave him up. The two knew they had a mother with the same name, but it was a common one so they never thought twice about it.

The couple told media outlets they're still committed to their relationship and plan to stay together.

We've seen some shocking couples who are a little too genetically close...

In 2012, an Ohio woman found out her husband was actually her father! She told the Akron Journal she heard rumors they were related but didn't find out they were true until 6 years after he died.