Weird little things all couples do ... even if they won't admit it

Weird Little Things All Couples Do

How many of these are familiar to you and your boo? It's OK, you can admit it -- we won't judge your strange pet name or look at you funny while you belt out the hits on the highway.

Whether it's swapping bathroom products, making up ridiculous songs or accidentally dressing alike (hey, you have good taste!), you know you and your significant other have done one of the things in this video, like ...
Silly things couples do
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Weird little things all couples do ... even if they won't admit it
... Telling the other person that something is gross, and then asking them to try it. Because they are very nice, they always do.
... Talking to the other person when he/she is in the shower, even though he/she cannot hear a thing. (Psst ... they might just want a few moments alone.)
... Using the other person's products. We all want to smell nice!
.... Accidentally matching. You both have good taste!
... Making up ridiculous songs (often about each other or shared creatures) that, in the moment, sound like the best things ever.
... Coming back for a kiss.
... Singing your hearts out in the car.
... Coming home and getting comfy before hitting the couch.
... Ridiculous moments that are funny -- until the other person wants to take a photo. No way will you allow photo evidence of this scene!
... Scrolling through 100 channels before settling on something to watch.
... Texting the other person when you're in the same apartment.
... Especially if that other person needs some toilet paper.

How many of these remind you of ... well ... you? Are you brave enough to share your silliest little habits? Confess in the comments.

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