Adorable animal friendships that will surprise you


From puppies and llamas in Austria, to monkeys and tiger cubs in Indonesia, these photos capture the most unlikely, but adorable animal pairs.

At a private zoo near Bangkok, Thailand, love knows no bounds for two animals that were abandoned by their parents. A 1998 photograph captured Nan, a two-year-old female monkey, coddling a tiny white kitten. Nan cares for the wide-eyed cat as if she were her own.

Equally as heartwarming, two Sumatran Tiger cubs can be seen fast asleep with two baby orangutans at the Taman Safari Zoo in Bogor, Indonesia. Though they'd never cuddle in nature, the tiger and orangutan babies became inseparable playmates after their mothers left them.

In Mombasa, Kenya, Owen, a baby hippo ambles along with its 'mother,' a giant male Aldabran Tortoise. The unusual duo have been inseparable since Kenya Wildlife Service rangers saved Owen following a tsunami after the calf's mother was swept away.

While not as large as Owen and his 'mother' tortoise, a young deer and a big spotted cat sweetly illustrate that Eskimo kisses aren't just for humans in a village near Jodhpur, India.

These unlikely pairs show that friendship can come in all shapes and sizes. If these animals can live harmoniously, maybe there is hope for mankind, but it probably won't be as cute as these couples.

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