'The Lion King' cast surprises New Yorkers on subway

'The Lion King' Cast Surprises New Yorkers On Subway
'The Lion King' Cast Surprises New Yorkers On Subway

Can you feel the love tonight ... on the subway? The cast of the Broadway classic "The Lion King" surprised New Yorkers June 28 in a subway car -- and new video of the event is now making rounds on the Internet.

Some amazing singers there, but we couldn't take our eyes off a few specific people.

Even though they whipped out their phones to record, many of them looked indifferent or even agitated during the performance. So -- distracted while filming, or annoyed on their commute?

Some commenters on YouTube reflected the latter, calling the video "really annoying."

One said: "What if people don't want this. Ever thought of that?" Another wrote "I feel bad for everyone on that subway who had to listen to a bunch of people scream nonsense for 4 minutes."

We think we know someone who would agree with that user: maybe Scar?

But not everyone was a negative Nancy. Media outlets were all about the video. Mashable said the people were being "serenaded," The Huffington Post noted New Yorkers "cracked a smile," and New York Daily News called it a "world class rendition."

And it is -- "The Lion King"'s Twitter account posted the video, confirming it was the Broadway cast.

You might recall another "let's surprise everyone with a Lion King song" moment that made headlines. In April, the cast of "The Lion King" Australia surprised fellow passengers on a flight.

Hey, though, to be fair ... if New Yorkers weren't fans of the subway singing, they could at least get off the train. These passengers were on a plane. And you can't really jump out of a commercial flight.

Check out the YouTube video in full here: