Rory McIlroy accidentally reveals his phone password on TV

Rory McIlroy Changes Phone Password After Entering It On TV
Rory McIlroy Changes Phone Password After Entering It On TV

Golfer Rory McIlroy had quite the weekend, which included winning the 2014 PGA Championship in exciting fashion, but he revealed something different than his skills: his phone password.

McIlroy was indoors staying dry during a rain delay between rounds and just happened to check his phone. What he didn't realize was there was a camera operator right over his shoulder.

Plenty of people caught on, and they wasted no time before and tweeting that hispassword was 4589. OK, maybe it wasn't too difficult for die-hard fans to figure out since McIlroy's birthday is the fourth of May, 1989.

As a writer for Golf Channel points out, Europeans write down dates with the day first and then the month, which is a little different than the custom in the U.S.

So, McIlroy, an Irishman, was simply using his birthday to lock his phone -- and possibly any other info he might need to secure.

A writer for SB Nation says: "We'd be willing to bet Rory's PIN for pretty much everything is 4589. You know, in case Rory uses an ATM in front of you and forgets to sign out."

For McIlroy's sake, we're hoping it isn't. McIlroy had earned an estimated $24.3 million as of June, according to numbers by Forbes. And he added a $1.8 million paycheck to that Sunday.

But it's possible McIlroy might have fallen into the trap most people tend to fall into. Back in 2009, The Telegraph reported that 46 percent of people in the U.K. use the same password for all their accounts.

And Slate says four-digit passwords made up of a variation of the user's birthday are some of the easiest passwords for hackers and thieves to guess.

Nonetheless, McIlroy quickly changed his password -- and let all would-be thieves know that he had done so. He clearly didn't let a little thing like a leaked password distract him during the golf tournament. Just hours later, McIlroy went on to win the PGA Championship.

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