Man pulls off unusual inverted proposal

Unusual Inverted Proposal
Unusual Inverted Proposal

Aerobatic pilot Ernest Artigas was determined to propose to his girlfriend Olivia in an original way.

He wanted to do something that she would never forget -- so what better way than to take Olivia on a flight, invert it, and propose?

"I was planning to give a big surprise to my girlfriend Olivia, asking her to marry me in a very, very special way, one that maybe nobody did before," Ernest told Storyful.

Since he is an aerobatic pilot, a great aviation lover and a video blogger, he thought he could combine all of those passions into a marriage proposal that would reflect his love with Olivia.

Ernest says that the flight was carefully planned -- he followed the normal procedures and even had a special checklist for the special moment.

He calls it "the most true video [he has] ever made."

Watch Olivia's reaction as she realizes what Ernest is up to.

Credit: YouTube/Ernest Tuckie

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