Stunning floating hotel to open in Arctic Circle

Floating Hotel in the Arctic Cirlce
Floating Hotel in the Arctic Cirlce

Architecture firm Dutch Docklands is building a new floating hotel in the Arctic Circle, and it's shaped like a snowflake. Matt Sampson has the details on this instillation to come.

The hotel offers one thing travelers can't get anywhere else -- a chance to gaze at the amazing natural phenomenon the Aurora Borealis in super luxury.

Tourists staying at Norway's Krystall hotel can watch the northern lights from the inside of a glass windowed, floating, snowflake-shaped hotel-- the very first of its kind in the world. The Krystall will have eighty-six extravagant hotel rooms, a posh spa and a conference center.

All of which is nestled in the middle of a scenic fjord near the Norwegian town of Tromso, within the Arctic Circle. The architecture firm Dutch Docklands, which is behind the project calls it a 'scarless development.' in other words, it's a building that can be removed in the future without any long term impact to the area, says The Telegraph.

Construction is expected to start in mid-2015 and the hotel is set to open in late 2017.

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