Google street car crashes after going wrong way

Google Street Car Crashes After Going Wrong Way
Google Street Car Crashes After Going Wrong Way

Looks like Google might consider sending its Street View drivers back to driver's ed.

A driver in going through Little Rock, Arkansas caused several thousand dollars in damages after going down the wrong way of a one-way street Wednesday the 6th.

The Google employee, identified as Alexander Spurr, tried to make a u-turn but hit another car in the process.

The other driver, Dylan Case, claims Spurr also ran a red light before hitting him and totaling his car. He was cited for "careless prohibited driving." Case says he plans to take Google to court.

Earlier this year, a Google made the news after a San Diego researcher died from being struck by a street view car. Headlines called it an "ironic" car accident because Dr. Robert Epstein was a critic of the mega company. But many said it was just coincidence and investigators said Epstein didn't look before crossing the street.

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