The nastiest ongoing celebrity feuds

The Nastiest Ongoing Celebrity Feuds
The Nastiest Ongoing Celebrity Feuds

Can't we all just get along? If you're a celebrity with access to Twitter, it seems like the answer is ... no.

After Larry King called Piers Morgan "pompous" during an interview, Piers fired back on Twitter, calling Larry "a graceless old toad." Those sure are fighting words!

Larry's wife Shawn recently got involved, saying, "I'm tired [of] your name calling of my husband." Morgan's response? "If Larry can't fight his own battles, tell him to stop being such a graceless old toad." Recently, though, Morgan offered peace with a short post that said "let's settle this".

But the Morgan vs. Piers battle isn't the only Twitter fight we've seen recently. Justin Bieber should be "confident" with 53 million twitter followers to back him up. When he lost his fight with Orlando Bloom -- reportedly over Miranda Kerr -- and tried to save face by instagramming a photo of Miranda and then one of Orlando Bloom, even "beliebers" couldn't stick up for Justin.

Some fights have spanned years. Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes have been duking it out since 2011. Brandi has been able to parlay her battles into big business. Her Twitter feud has spawned two books for The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.

While the feuds are different, there is one constant: they have all been at least partially fought on Twitter. Cooper Lawrence, psychologist and author of "The Cult of Celebrity," explained why we're seeing more of these battles fought online.

"If you're being interviewed by somebody, you're not as likely to say how you really feel, there's publicists sitting there," said Cooper. "But when you're home alone in front of your computer, you feel more comfortable."

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