Little kid leaves cutest signature on receipt at Dominos

Little Kid Leaves Cutest Receipt Ever
Little Kid Leaves Cutest Receipt Ever

A young child bought a Domino's Pizza and left what may be the cutest receipt ever.

16-year-old Texan Jewel Cowart takes orders from all different kinds of customers at Dominos, but it was a kid who placed an order under the name "Thomas Jefferson" that melted her heart. Apparently, the boy and his father are regulars at that specific location and days prior the child placed an order under Abraham Lincoln.

On this occasion, when it came time to pay, the young boy had his dad's permission to swipe his card. He even signed the receipt using his father's name ... "Dad."

The whole thing was too cute for Cowart to handle. She told TODAY, "At first, I had this overwhelming feeling of adoration and I wanted to squeeze this child into a hug, and then I came to realize the child didn't even realize how cute it was. He simply thought he was signing for his father."

She showed the photo of the receipt to her brother, who posted it on Reddit. It quickly gained thousands of views. Cowart says she can't believe the response, but I'm sure she'll tell her young customer next time he comes in to pick up his order under the name George Washington.

And this isn't the only receipt story that's been in the news. Customers in Minnesota dining at Oasis Cafe were shocked to find an additional charge on their bill: a $.35 "minimum wage fee" to offset the cost of the increased minimum wage in the state.

If it sounds like the restaurant's owner is thumbing his nose at the increase, that's because he is. He posted on Facebook that this is his attempt to shine a light on the matter.

That receipt story, not so cute.

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