Cast fights, tension in teaser released for 'Saved by the Bell' movie

Saved By The Bell Star Comments On The 'Unauthorized' Made-For-TV Movie
Saved By The Bell Star Comments On The 'Unauthorized' Made-For-TV Movie

We all dreamed of being Bayside Tigers when we were kids, wishing we could hang out at The Max after school -- even taking a trip to the principals office seemed fun if you were going to see Mr. Belding.

See the cast then and now:

Sadly, art does not seem to imitate life. Lifetime just released a teaser from the upcoming original movie "The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story" showing a miserable cast of teens. In the clip Lisa Turtle and Kelly Kapowski shove each other during a promotional photoshoot, all while Screech Powers bickers with AC Slater.

This is the first real look fans are getting of the film that is making waves among the former cast members. The film is said to be based in part on Dustin Diamond's controversial book 'Behind the Bell'. The book illuminated major tensions among cast members, fights, sexcapades and even drug use.

Dustin opened up to HuffPost Live in December of 2013 and said that the book was mostly fiction at the hands of a ghostwriter. Even calling parts of the book "odd to read."

Diamond's mea culpa didn't cut it for Zach Morris. This week 'Franklin and Bash' stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer sat down with HuffPost Live and were asked about Dustin Diamond and the Lifetime movie. They did not hold back.

"We're not involved," Gosselaar told host Caitlyn Becker. "No one came to us and asked for our involvement."

It was his TNT co-star Breckin Meyer (you might remember him from a little movie called Clueless) that really let loose on Screech.

Gosselaar went on to agree that, though he hadn't read the whole book, everything he heard about it is very negative which he can't relate to.

"I don't remember those things," he said. "My experience on the show was very positive. That's why when people say 'oh you don't like talking about it' -- I don't mind talking about it. I just don't really remember that time but also anything I do remember was extremely positive."

At least one thing is for certain: Lifetime's unauthorized film is 100% unauthorized according the show's biggest star.

"The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story" premieres Monday September 1st at 9pm.

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