Boy, 6, called hero after saving his grandmother's life

6-Year-Old Boy Saves His Grandmother's Life
6-Year-Old Boy Saves His Grandmother's Life

By Eric Levy

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 7, 2014) - A 6-year-old boy's family is calling him a hero after he saved his grandmother's life.

Owen Durocher's grandmother, Joy Turley, fell down the stairs and stopped breathing over the weekend while the family slept. Luckily, he heard the commotion and if it wasn't for his quick thinking, she could have died.

"He's my boy, my only boy, my only grandson right now," said Turley.

Owen is also the one who saved her life.

"I wouldn't be here to hopefully be here long enough for these other little ones," Turley said.

On Sunday, Turley had gone downstairs and collapsed at the bottom of the staircase while everyone was asleep. She couldn't breath; she couldn't do anything.

"Couldn't even talk hardly, all I could say was 'help' and beat on the floor," Turley recalled.

Owen was asleep nearby, and heard those desperate calls for help.

"I just heard her yelling on the floor and I hear tapping on the floor and heard my mommy's name and I came up to get my mommy and my daddy came down too," said Owen.

Medics arrived and rushed her to Franciscan Saint Francis Health, where she met with Dr. Irwin Labin.

"She was in shock, she required mechanical ventilation," said Labin. "She was very sick on arrival, and she turned around within 24 hours."

Open heart surgery is the next step from here, but with the love this family has, they say there is no reason she won't be as good as new. Owen wants that, so they can go treasure hunting like old times.

"I hope your heart feels better," Owen said.

As a reward, Owen is going to be thrown a party with any superhero theme he wants. The family also did want to thank the paramedics and the folks here at the hospital for their care that also saved her life.