Love letters received 70 years later

70-Year Old Love Letters Received
70-Year Old Love Letters Received

CHICAGO, IL -- With today's technology, love letters are pretty much a thing of past. So you can imagine one woman's amazement when she got two of them -- especially because they're almost 70 years old.

Dorothy Carlberg, an 85-year-old Chicago woman, finally received letters written to her from a navy man back in 1945. And you can bet they opened a slew of memories.

One letter reads:

"After all, you are the last girl I've been out with, and I'm sort of disgusted with myself for not even trying to kiss you."

"Yeah, we were friends, but we weren't hanky-panky or anything," Carlberg said.

So how did they get to her after so many years?

Somehow, the letters were recently postmarked, and sent to Carlberg`s old address in Chicago - where Martha Rodriguez now lives.

"You know, it's been lost for 70 years, but I wasn't going to stop until I found her," Rodriguez said.

It's pretty safe to say these letters are truly a special delivery.

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