Woman gets amazing makeover before her 50th birthday

Woman Gets Amazing Makeover Before Her 50th Birthday
Woman Gets Amazing Makeover Before Her 50th Birthday

Kathie Lee and Hoda do weekly makeover segments on their show, and Thursday's episode was no exception.

Tracy from Idaho is 49 years old. Her big 5-0 birthday is in January, and Tracy felt like she'd had the same look for way too long.

She and her husband had to give total control to the team -- agreeing there shouldn't be any rules for the makeover. Cue the transformation!

Her husband's reaction? 'Holy cow!'

'Oh my...," Tracy said as she saw herself in the mirror.

'That's a hot, sexy haircut," one of the hosts said.

She looked great before, but her shorter, darker hairdo really seems to make her look even younger.

The recurring segment has its fair share of fans. This Twitter user admits she's a "sucker" for them.

This makeover was probably a special one for Hoda, who has been celebrating her own 50th birthday all week.

On Wednesday night, her "Today" family got together for a birthday party in her honor. Kathie Lee was behind it, according to a Facebook post.

As for those makeovers, check out the "Today" website to watch other guests' amazing transformations.

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