Bear walks on hind legs through NJ neighborhood



We're not completely certain a video showing a bear walking on its hind legs in a New Jersey neighborhood is real, but if the scene that YouTube user Ian Bohman uploaded is indeed authentic, we do know it's one of the more fascinating instances of bear bipedalism we have ever seen.

The interest has skyrocketed since the clip first hit the Internet earlier this week (soaring past 373,000 views). It caught the attention of national news outlets, like ABC's Good Morning America -- who also tried to dissect multiple angles of the strange sight in Oak Ridge.

Bohman, who shot the cellphone video, spoke with ABC News: "I was walking out to my car and turned the corner and there it was just walking straight up the street."

Visitors to Gawker's website claim this might actually be the best evidence yet for Sasquatch. Another clip below captured the bear strolling through a man's backyard in Green Pond, N.J.

Post by John Leyden.

One of the details giving users "paws" as to whether or not this is a bear or a human dressed as one is the unusual gait.

"It looks like its front right paw is either broken or deformed, " Leyden claims.

Gothamist reports that it's not the first instance that Jefferson Township, Vernon and Oak Ridge neighborhoods have had run-ins with furry creatures ... and probably won't be the last.

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