Vicious Cookiecutter shark strikes

'Jaws Strikes Back': The Vicious Cookiecutter Shark
'Jaws Strikes Back': The Vicious Cookiecutter Shark

At 20 inches long with a substantially large jaw for a shark of its size, the Cookiecutter shark is lethally vicious.

While only one Cookiecutter has ever been seen in Guadalupe, their bites are unmistakable.

In the video above, researcher Mauricio Hoyos and Discovery Channel's Greg Somal inspected the wounds these sharks inflicted on a few seals on Guadalupe Island.

Both immediately spot a female elephant seal with the distinct and perfectly round bite of a Cookiecutter shark. The shark's incredibly deep attack looked just like -- you guessed it-- a cookie, hence its name.

And at almost 17 cm in diameter, the the bites are likely very painful, as the shark's teeth twist and remove a block of the victim's skin.

Interestingly enough, Hoyos once counted 54 bites in just one female elephant seal. More often, however, he will see two or more bites in dolphins, fish and even white sharks.

They've even attacked people, which made Hoyos and Somal hesitant to get in the water.

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