World's top shark attack locations

Shark Week: World's Top Shark Attack Hotspots
Shark Week: World's Top Shark Attack Hotspots

Here are some facts about the top shark attack countries in the world to get you ready for Shark Week:

1. South Africa
Since 1905, there have been 239 confirmed shark attacks in South Africa. 53 have been fatal, according to the Kwazulu-Natal Sharks Board. Bull sharks, sand tigers and great whites have been the most common culprits. Shark nets and spotters have dramatically reduced rates of attacks on the Natal swimming beaches. Attacks are on the rise in the Cape provinces for unknown reasons. (Kwazulu-Natal Sharks Board)

2. Australia
There have been 528 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks in last 100 years. According to the Taronga Conservation, 136 have been fatal. Florida Museum of Natural History says great whites are responsible for only 64 attacks, but over 48% have been fatal.

3. United States
Since 1837, there have been 687 shark attacks in Florida. USA Today reports that this is more than all other states combined. In 2013, Florida had 23 unprovoked attacks. This led the US and was twice as many as any other country, but, as the Florida Museum of Natural History reports, none of the attacks was fatal. The last fatal attack in the US occurred in Hawaii in 2013. The Honolulu Star Advertiser wrote that a kayaker was attacked while fishing off the coast of Hawaii. The US has had far more shark attacks than Australia, says Florida Museum of Natural History, but 26% have been fatal in Australia versus 4% of US attacks.

4. But don't be scared!
You are more likely to be killed by...

The flu
An asteroid
Falling out of bed

Take precautions, but don't sweat the sharks.