Thrill seekers ride Colossus roller coaster for 36 hours straight

Thrill-Seekers Ride Roller Coaster for 36 Hours
Thrill-Seekers Ride Roller Coaster for 36 Hours

After 36 years as a gleaming fixture at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif., the iconic roller coaster 'Colossus' will soon be shutting down -- but to honor the ride's closing, a group of thrill seekers got to ride it ... for 36 hours straight.

While 24 applicants started the challenge (45 minutes each hour with a 15 minute break), only six people stuck through the full 36-hour marathon.

One thrill-seeker Jobeth Wagner explained, "I did it to inspire my neices to not be afraid of anything." Many of the final six were tired and sore -- but they were all excited to have completed the challenge. Many of the applicants, of course, fell out of the running because they were a little too queasy.

So what did these thrill seekers receive for completing the coaster-marathon? A 2015 season pass to the park and souvenirs including a piece of the Colossus wood.

The 36-year-old coaster was once the tallest and fastest ride on the planet and was featured in the movie "Vacation," but the ride will soon close. Its replacement is still secret but will be announced later this month.

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